Happy 2020...

Happy 2022 Friends!!! We are so excited for another year of memories and adventures with our Feel Good Fitness & Nutrition community!! Thank you for always supporting us and trusting us that we are using our years of knowledge and personal experience to help you cultivate the best version of a life worth living!

We are ready to continue to grow and learn ourselves as well. Coach Joe is on track to finish his Master's degree this year, and Coach Haley has a Trauma Informed Weightlifting Course lined up. It is important to us to always continue to learn and grow as coaches, and people. We walk the walk, talk the talk and lead by example.

Aside from getting as much free content on health and wellness out as we can, Coach Haley has a few podcasts scheduled and a collaboration with Empowered RX, a trauma informed coaching program for women recovering from disordered eating. We understand that our services are a luxury which is why it is important for us to share our journeys and what has helped us, so maybe it will inspire you at home to start your own journey.

And that is just the beginning...

We hope you are along for the ride!!!

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