Grow through what you go through.

Grow Through What You Go Through #1 - Set Your Goals

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca

My absolute favorite thing about owning a CrossFit gym is watching the transformation that occurs. On the first day, it is not uncommon for many people to show up for their intro session feeling a bit intimidated and unsure of what they have gotten themselves into. As they head into the workout portion of the session, the tension rises as they wait for 3,2,1 go and take off with their best effort to finish the workout that was just written specifically for them by their coach. Relative to the individual, this is hard work, but when I ask them if they enjoyed the session, they smile and I know they found exactly what they were looking for. 6 weeks go by and with a bit of consistency, they begin to see some results, begin getting compliments from coworkers and their family and friends want to know what they’ve been doing! Fast forward to month 3 and CrossFit is a staple of the daily routine, the place they go to first thing in the morning or at the end of the day to get their fitness fix. By this point, they are invested, this is a part of their lifestyle now and they are eager to dive into all things CrossFit.

Mostly, we all begin with a vague idea of what it is we are looking to accomplish. At the very beginning the only thing we may know is that we have to get started. Initially this may and possibly should be, the only goal that someone is focusing on when in the starting phase of a new journey into unknown territory; just showing up. When we are committed to getting up and getting through the door each day and giving it our best effort, eventually showing up becomes easier, because it becomes a pillar of your schedule.

As more time passes major lifestyle changes have occurred, and progress is being seen along the road to that larger goal of losing weight, toning up, or building strength (and likely all simultaneously!). With exposure to so many new concepts and ideas, the why behind what keeps you coming through the door each day might also change as well. CrossFit is a dynamic platform that will open up worlds of sports and training that many never would have considered previously. The new goal may be to build towards a specific Olympic Lifting total, compete in a local CrossFit competition, run an obstacle course race or even a marathon. Our goals will expand to fit into the space we give them and based on how important these goals are to us, we prioritize them accordingly.

It is easy to fall in love with fitness, especially when you train in an environment that you look forward to as a part of your daily routine. That is the magic of CrossFit, it draws you in and gets you excited about health and fitness in ways you never thought you could be. The goal that we all have in common, regardless of what specific aspect of the larger picture we were looking at when we first walked through the door, is a general desire to live a healthier life. We have a strong desire to be independent, self-sufficient people, to be able to keep up with our kids (or pets!), and perform at our best capability in our careers, and to find our best versions of ourselves.

The Truth is, for us to accomplish anything, we need a strong why. Is what we are doing going to produce an outcome worthy of putting forth the energy and focus it requires? We all need to look internally and determine if we are investing our time and energy in the right direction. Your coaches want to know what your goals are, and we want to help you set a course for success by helping you focus on the right things. Is 1 hour a day in a general CrossFit class enough for you to reach your goals? Are you more focused on Olympic lifting? Do you want to focus on extra strength? We have programs for everyone! Set up a time to meet with us and discuss your goals. Have they changed since you first started CrossFit? Do you feel as though you are making adequate progress towards them? We want to know, and we want to help you create the right plan to get there.

The best way to reach goals are through actionable measures along with educational information. This week talk to your coach and sit down with them for a 15-minute goal setting session. Whatever it is you want to accomplish there is a way forward, and clearing the path is far more effective with someone to show you the way.

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