It doesn’t matter what fruits and veggies you like, the #800gchallenge can work for you!

It can even be overlaid on any macro targets of your choice.

No foods are eliminated; it’s healthy eating without the obsession!

We are extending the pre-order until March 16th! $40 to register! Members can register on the PushPress App under pre-orders!

Why are we doing this challenge?

Some of you may have seen results from not eating fruits and vegetables. Being in a calorie deficit will result in weight loss no matter what “diet” you are on. But are you getting the most out of the foods you are eating?

Are there other health benefits to your diet aside from weight loss? Eating more micronutrient foods will get you the results you want, while providing other health benefits like reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Regulating your digestive system and reducing inflammation which helps recovery.

If you feel stuck in your weight loss, this will be the challenge for you.

If you know you are not eating high quality foods, this is the challenge for you.

If you want better nutrition habits, this is the challenge for you.

If you hate vegetables, don't worry! We have you covered!

Plus, there are prizes involved!!

Sign up now to join and find out more information!


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