Active Recovery - #1 - Anabolic Brain Dump

First off, I’m not married to the title, I had a few ideas so I decided to tie a couple together, maybe it will stick, or maybe it will change every month; we’ll see…

Next, this blog is meant to be a companion to our upcoming podcast, which also doesn’t have a title yet. Periodically, I plan to write a post like this to accompany an upcoming or previous episode. No time lines in place, to start out I will hold myself accountable to at leaste one per month with a goal of every two weeks.

The first episode of the podcast will be an introduction from myself and Haley. We’ll talk about what led us down the path to where we are now, some things you may already know about us, some things you may not, as well as where we see all of this going. The podcast and blog are the next steps for us in terms of producing content for our gym members and for general consumption as experienced individuals within our field of business and ongoing study. I’ll dive more into things such as my personal training philosophy, experiments, and intent with my own training. We’ll also talk about where our gym community is heading, where we see ourselves in 6 months, a year, 5 years and so on.

The podcast is something that we have been wanting to put together for a while and I think the time has finally come where it fits in with the next steps of our development. The blog was inspired by a recent request of Dan Uyemura, the CEO of Push Press. Recently they conducted a case study with a few gym owners (myself included) who are using the free version of their platform. Converse CrossFit is currently using this version as we revamp and rebuild our entire operating system around individual integrations as opposed to an all in one operating system. That request was to backlink to the case study from our blog to help drive up the google search results. But, I don’t have a blog……

That leads me to where we are now, starting this blog in support of our podcast and increasing our abilities to reach new audiences, address questions from our community, and provide support to some great people, working towards great things. That about covers the what and why. I’ll try to provide some relevant content to accompany each blog post as well. If your curious about the case study there will be a link attached to this post, the content on this one is geared towards gym owners, but if you're interested to gain some insight on the behind the scenes fun we manage from day to day, then check it out!

Stay tuned for more!


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