Leiza's Why

I hate the word dieting.

Our bodies are designed to bend and break and pushed as hard as our minds let it, but without proper nutrition, we will have barriers.

I am a full-time student prepping for medical school, working full time at the VA as a surgical technologist as well we an Army Reserve soldier. I choose to eat foods that can help my memory get sharper, promote good sleep, increase my energy levels, and, of course, stronger resilience.

We all have our personal goals and growing up as the only girl I never played sports or did anything other than academics. I grew up in the Caribbean and three years ago moved to the US. I joined the army as a surgical technologist, and I am currently a senior at UIW, working towards my BS in Health Sciences.

I recently fractured my (R)ankle while running and now slower at everything, I do physically. Accepting I cannot do the things I use to do is one of my biggest struggles daily.

I am very passionate about health and wellness and I can assure you Converse CrossFit will teach you how much your personal goals matter.

Since I joined this gym, I have learned how to keep a balanced fitness lifestyle regardless of how busy I am, and I honestly look forward to being a part of this class every day.

Regardless of your injuries, schedule, or battles, this family will help you look forward. Teaching you how to push yourself to a healthy limit, keep you motivated with a remarkable new fitness routine.

I love my converse CrossFit family, and I am excited to see where my fitness journey leads.


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