Johanna's Why!

“I have toggled around with weightlifting for most of my adult years. Never taking it too seriously or putting much thought into it, it was more of a "happy place" for me. Then joining the Air Force is where my fitness journey continued. I joined the Air Force as a Diet Technician, being surrounded by healthy individuals. Eventually, getting my associates degree in nutrition science. Even with all of that, weightlifting, power lifting at times, going to college and furthering my knowledge in nutrition, joining the Air Force in the nutrition realm, nothing quite got me like CrossFit did. I heard this would happen. I have heard a few times that one you started CrossFit, that's all you would talk about and everyone you came in contact with you would tell them you do CrossFit. Now I see why, and the explanation is simple. CrossFit isn't just a good work out or about getting in shape, it is the environment, the family, the community and above all else, the love and passion from the coaches. With all of my experience in the health industry, I have never felt something quite like this. I could have a fancy degree, or run my mile faster, or spend 60 minutes picking heavy stuff up and putting it down, but without all of the embodiment of CrossFit and the love the environment has to give, it all means nothing. The only regret I have is not starting sooner, truly. Thank you, Converse CrossFit, for giving me a reason to be excited to workout every day, the passion you have to give and the inviting community you have created. -Johanna Hayden” #youreamazing #crossfitfamily #conversecrossfit#womenwhoinspire #crossfitgirls #crossfit

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