Maritza's Why!

Maritza and her family have been a part of our CrossFit family for over a year now and we continue to be inspired by them daily. Here is M’s story: “Hello my name is Maritza and I am currently a member of the Converse Crossfit community for over a year now and this is my story. I am a mother of 3 boys. My youngest is special needs to where he will spend his life in a wheelchair. I may have stopped growing at 5’3” ¾ but he hasn’t. My son is getting taller and heavy. Before I started Crossfit, I noticed I was having lower back issues as to where I would have to roll out of bed in ordered for me to get up. It was intensifying as time passed. Surgery or anything that would refrain me on lifting my son up was not an option. I constantly pick him up and not to mention his very heavy wheelchair. I talked to my husband and he said I need to build my strength and go to the gym. I Joined a gym and didn’t take long for me to stop going. I lacked motivation and my self-esteem was very low. I needed something different, a challenge of some sort to keep my interest. I started reading up on Crossfit and how it has changed and improved lives. I wanted that. I NEEDED that. I made myself email Joe to inquire about membership and on the 3rd day, I joined. I have to admit, it was very intimidating seeing everyone and their form but I’m so glad I kept going. I feel strong now. I can lift my son up without pain, without hesitation. I can apply what I learned from Crossfit forms on my son to prevent any injury to myself and stay healthy and strong for HIM. I love Crossfit and I’m extremely happy I found Converse Crossfit. You guys have made me better. Made me strong for my family. My eyes are watering up writing this story because these aren’t just words, this is my life. Thank you all!! M”. #thisislife #inspiration #conversecrossfit #improvinglives #beyourbestself

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