I am a proud active-duty Air Force member and hail from a little town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan called Ontonagon; people refer to us as Yoopers!  I’ve been a fitness junkie for most of my life. I can say “been there, done that” for most exercise-related activities. I grew up playing team sports, mainly basketball and volleyball.  Yes I know, I’m a bit short for those sports (lol), but small town living has some advantages...short girls can play tall girl sports! After college my interests turned to distance running; I conquered several half-marathons and one full-marathon (shout out to San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon).  I then moved on to sprint-distance triathlon training. I competed in a hand full of events but never quite became comfortable with the swimming aspect. During this same period, I totally dove into group exercise both as a participant and as an instructor. I’ve instructed in Boot Camp, Aerobics, Tae-bo, P90X and Spinning. 


So what’s my story on how I came to CrossFit?  Like many others when I first heard about it, I was intimidated.  I held the beliefs that I wasn’t in good enough shape and it was too hard-core and probably even dangerous.  So for about five years I kept doing my Spinning thing but kept an eye on CrossFit in my periphery. Then in 2013, while assigned to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, I had an intriguing chat with Katie, a co-worker of mine.  Offutt had a free military CrossFit affiliate. They provided a 4-week on-ramp class where you could learn all about what this CrossFit thing was and try it out with other beginners. She told me that signing up for the on-ramp class was the best thing she ever did and that you could be at ANY level of fitness.  So what did I do? I immediately asked Nico (my BFF, lover, husband, etc) if he’d join me in this CrossFit on-ramp thing. He agreed and we ditched our morning routine of P90X in our basement for this community-rich experience called CrossFit. Neither of us have EVER looked back! From Nebraska, we moved to Northern Virginia where we were members at CrossFit Lorton for four years and I occasionally dropped in at CrossFit Pentagon when there was a break in my work meeting madness.  


Upon moving to Texas in 2018 and joining Converse CrossFit I decided it was time to pursue an opportunity as a CrossFit coach because clearly my attraction to CrossFit was not diminishing and I wanted to help bring it to others.  So in June of 2019 I become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and CrossFit Converse was willing to hire me (thank you Joe and Haley!!!).  


So that’s the how, now the why:  Since I started in 2013, CrossFit has continually improved my fitness levels more than any other modality I’ve practiced.  I also like that I can see, measure, and track real progress. I can do more pull-ups than when I started, I can lift more weight across the board, and my Fran time keeps dropping!  But it has given me so much more than that! Through my CrossFit journey I’ve also been exposed to vital knowledge on diet, health, and overall wellness. But the most important part for me has been the community aspect of it. It’s enabled me to meet so many amazing people from so many different walks of life. I love belonging to each CrossFit community I’ve been a part of.  For me at the end of the day, it’s your CrossFit community that is going to keep you motivated and on track, have your back when life’s challenges hit, and celebrate your accomplishments in both fitness and life!


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