In 2000, I left home at 17 to study exercise science in college with the dream of returning to my hometown of Cincinnati as the strength and conditioning coach for the local minor league hockey team. During that time, I earned my personal training certification from NASM and worked in globo gyms putting clients through traditional circuit training. That dream never came to fruition. Instead, I met a boy, got married, and followed him around the world as he perused his career in the Army. 


In 2009, we found ourselves in a small military community with limited options for entertainment. That is when I was first introduced to Crossfit. There were no gyms in the area and no trainers to be found; just a bunch of WODs printed off and a group of soldiers and a couple spouses with limited knowledge on functional fitness. It’s a miracle none of us were injured in the absence of proper coaching or training.  Regretfully, I passed up the opportunity to get my CrossFit level 1 trainer certificate that year. In 2010, I spent the summer in Cincinnati and decided to go get some proper training.  I walked into my first CrossFit gym and attended a foundations program. Shortly thereafter we moved to Japan, and I was again on my own for training and thankful I had the foundations classes to guide me. 


In 2013, we returned to the U.S. I was ready to get back into a Crossfit gym and start training properly. I bounced around to a couple gyms but never really settled anywhere. My husband had separated from the Army, and I found myself missing our “military family”. When I walked into CrossFit Cincinnati I not only found the training I needed but also the adopted family I had been missing!  That is where I fell in love with Crossfit. That will always be my “home gym”, the one where it all really started for me. I was trained by some incredible coaches and made the most amazing friends. I realized then the role Crossfit can play not just in your physical health but also your mental health.  When struggling though some of the darkest days of my life, Crossfit was my light. The workouts and the people at CrossFit were the healthy and safe outlet that I needed. 


Fast forward to 2018, my husband had reentered the active Army and I was being drug to a post in the middle of the Mohave desert with no job prospects. Thankfully, there was a large new functional fitness facility on post where I spent a lot of time. One day the manager approached me and said he was looking to hire a coach to teach evening classes, would I be interested? This time, I wasn’t missing the opportunity!  I was lucky enough to travel to the CrossFit Ranch for my Level 1 where I learned from the best of the best and I haven’t stopped learning since.


My goal as a coach is to help you live your best life. I want you to be able to safely get up off the floor if you fall, chase after your children without getting winded, get out of bed on your own as you get older, feel confident being in the photo, or walk up stairs without knee pain. My passion for Crossfit and the Crossfit methodology lies in helping others.