Who works out here?


     Converse CrossFit was built for teachers, military, grandparents, doctors, professional athletes, couch potatoes, professional gamers and everyone in between.

What is CrossFit?

    "CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity" ("What is CrossFit?", www.CrossFit.com, 2017).  Constantly varied means we use          a variety of time, weight and distance to change the workouts everyday.  Functional movements are movements we perform in everyday life, such as squatting and        picking things up off of the ground, and high intensity means we keep moving throughout the workout with little to no rest.  Of course, the best part about CrossFit        is anyone can modify any workout to their athletic capability.

Where are we located?

     We are located at 9211 Converse Business Lane, Suite 9, in Converse Texas!  From FM 78, you will turn onto Converse Business Lane and make the first left into the      parking lot.  You will see a Baysee's restaurant on your left.  Make your way to the other end of the parking lot and you will find us.  Look for our window decal.          Our garage door is always open when we are here!  Just listen for the sound of heavy breathing!

Why CrossFit?

     CrossFit has helped all of our coaches get back into shape, and stay healthy.  We have all seen personal benefits from CrossFit that no other program could                provide.  Head over to our coaches page here to learn more about us and our stories.

 How to get started?


     E-mail us or text us to drop in class to or schedule a consult see what we have to offer!




 We are a fully-licensed CrossFit affiliate, dedicated to improving the overall health of the community through authentic relationships and elite fitness .  Converse CrossFit aspires to provide fitness that is broad, general and inclusive to all ages and fitness levels meaning grandchildren can train right alongside their grandparents.  We offer various training methods that keeps things exciting and new.  Our goal is to provide you a fitness program that transfers over into everyday life.  We are committed to helping all clients meet their goals, from the competitive athlete to the stay at home Mom.  The last person across the finish line is just as important to us as the first, and every personal goal that is achieved is celebrated.


101 Gibbs Sprawl Rd.

Converse, TX 78109




Quick Contact:

Monday THRU Friday:

5:15, 6:30 & 8:30AM / 5:00, 6:00 & 7:00PM


Saturday: 8:00 & 9:00AM

Sunday: Closed