In 2000 my fitness journey began at a gold's gym of all places.  I was working with a personal trainer and the owner of the gym asked me if I wanted a job.  I never thought I would be working at a gym let alone helping others achieve their goals.  


As with all things in my life I took my coaching to heart and wanted to be the best I could be in all aspects.  I attended the local community college to get an education in the fitness endeavor I was about to embark on.  For the next five years I pursued a variety of different coaching courses and certifications. 


To further my knowledge, I did an internship at a physical therapy clinic.  I was amongst some of the best in the business and it was such a great learning Experience.  It was during this time I also had a friend introduce me to CrossFit.  At first, I was reluctant, but after attending a few classes I was hooked. 


I had to learn everything that I could about CrossFit.  I took my Level One then shortly after took my level two.  During this time, I was running a youth program which led me to get my CrossFit Kids As well. Throughout the years I have taken numerous courses in fitness education as well as training styles. 


I chose coaching to empower others and help them realize their full potential.  Coming from a place of being 400lbs at one point in time it is amazing to be able to relate to as well as share journeys with some of the most amazing people throughout my coaching career.  


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